Friday, August 5, 2011

Leaving Wembley - Thanks for Everything

I've been saying all summer that I've learned a lot and have been able to experience so much with this internship, but I don't think I've stressed enough how honored I am to have worked for The FA and FATV.

Every week has been a progression of tasks and assignments, editing and producing, filming shoots and meeting incredible people. I began by purely shadowing my coworkers, learning the systematic process of the organization: how they cover an event, what angles they get, what shots they end up using what they choose to focus on and how the end product is promoted. It's quite a creative and strategic process that I find intriguing. FATV is simply an outlet for a visual man's creativity, with an England football filter. Gradually, I've learned the most accurate method of booming, how to color correct and add movement to an otherwise stagnent piece, man an EX3, and produce a handful of short videos.

My greatest achievement I've been most proud of is working alongside the chaps at The FA. I've never been in a work environment so welcoming and caring, so needless to say, today's been a very difficult day to say goodbye. This job exposes you to some of the most influential and well-known footballers in the country and gets you in the action for games, but doing all this with the corky and sarcastic personalities here have made it all infinitely more enjoyable. I'll never forget the friends I've made with The FA and hope that we all keep in touch.

Lesson learned: The job you end up taking should be something you enjoy, but it's not everything. Creating relationships with the people you surround yourself by may be the only thing that matters in the long run.

Thank you for everything!

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Inquiry

Gareth Southgate is possibly one of the most adorable football coaches to date. Why? I've watched his 3 min-long interview about his premier league highlights for three days straight, and I still want to pinch his cheeks. FATV has another regular feature that quizzes former England players about their professional playing statistics. It's a very fun, upbeat, oftentimes comical idea that any England fan would love if they're a personal fan. The format is simple: Ask a question, they answer right or wrong, move on to the next question. The produced video, however, is frilled up a bit with fun animation, sound effects and extra graphics to help illustrate the players' answers. I literally worked on this every day this week when I wasn't updating the year-long log or checking emails. Looking back on it now, I'm actually pretty proud of this little feature. Hopefully I will remember all of the fun extras on Avid when I get back to Mizzou. Sure, I'll rarely use them, but they're good to stick in your back pocket.

*Video to come

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

British Life & Culture: Field Analysis Audio Slideshow

Take a look at the audio slideshow I produced for our British Life & Culture class this summer. This assignment had us analyze how the British identity is expressed through three out of the six areas of London that we visited in class field trips.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Back to Editing

Yay for editing. The FA's Get Involved program has had FATV cover their various events since last summer and are asking for one more for their upcoming celebration. This August marks their one-year anniversary and they are making a do by hosting a party, fit with food, drinks, music -- and a video montage of their accomplishments throughout their first year. That's where I come into play. As the rest of FATV works on their own projects, I got to take on this internal video. It won't be published online, but it will projected, on loop, at the birthday event. This wasn't a hard task, by any means, but I tried to get creative with the animations and formatting. I played with the coloring, transitions and graphics, just to add some extra excitement to the piece (attempting to push the hidden message for more FA staff to sign up for Get Involved). This was completed and sent off to the Get Involved communications coordinator for suggestions and approval.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bits & Bobs

By now, FATV staff and I feel like we've developed a pretty nice idea of responsibilities for the intern. I'm that helping hand that's been given tasks to keep busy, but I've been trained enough to become more of a 'right hand man.' My senior producers have a better understanding of my editing and basic sports knowledge that I can now be given my own assignments. Since last week, editing a few 5-a-side pieces, it's been fantastic to actually produce packages -- at those using some editing flare. This week, however, has been less eventful, yet full of little bits and bobs to keep us moving around the office.

Tuesday was scheduling day. I actually felt pretty useful, creating monthly calendars and inserting appropriate dates, events and plans from scratch. These are being used as the year-long logs of each videographers' daily tasks/assignments, big events and published pieces. I also made a projected four-month calendar to help them budget time for the upcoming FATV projects.

Wednesday was not so eventful. I spent the majority of my time typing up a suggestion list for FATV to leave when I head back to the States. Daisy asked me to compile any suggestions or comments I care to share, based on my internship these past few months. It was refreshing to be asked for such a list because it shows care, to want to know my point of view, and forward-thinking, to always be looking for ways to improve an organization.

Thursday started off strong. Three of us met, bright and early at 8 a.m., at the Kings Arms pub on Roupell Street to interview a reknown English comedian. Jason Manford is also a Manchester City fan, so we interviewed him about his current professional projects, as well as his insight on the Man City roster and the upcoming Community Shield (Man City vs. Man United). Back in the office, I actively watched the editing of the Manford interview and finished labeling the kits with the FATV stickers.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Behind the Camera

Last Monday, we had the honor of interviewing one of England's legendary comedians, Bob Mortimer. He's most kmown for his duo act and show with Vic Reeves, "Vic & Bob," and such natural humor shined through throughout our interview about his fanaticism with football. Everyone's a football fan in England and seeing an icon like Bob helps to create those imagined connections amongst fans.

I manned one of the cameras for this interview! I'll have to admit, the hardest part of this task was stifling my giggles at every answer, but besides that, it was very cut-and-dry. I was the tight shot, following his reactions, really getting into Bob's face. The shots are just to add extra fluff and variance to the piece, which I think looks fantastic. Yay! Put another mark down for me on the "Published" column.